IPBA Place Branding.

IPBA Place Branding – edition 2022

Duration: 14 working weeks
Format: online
Language: English
Number of hours: 40 hours (22 lectures, 18 webinars) + 30 hours of self-study
Duration: September 2022 – January/February 2023

Head tutors: Magdalena Florek, Mihalis Kavaratzis

Guest speakers: Martin Boisen, Hong Fan, Robert GoversNigel Morgan, Marco Bevolo, Marta Hereźniak, Daniel Valverde Bagnarello, Consol Vancells Casanovas

Certificate of completion: yes
Price: pricing details coming soon
Registration deadline: July 1, 2022

Max No. of participants: 18


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This course is meant to provide an overview of place branding and practical guidance on implementing the place branding process. It is, therefore, suitable for anyone interested in this fascinating field, whether you represent a City Hall, a Local or Regional Authority, a Tourism Office or DMO, a private company or public body, a consultancy agency or if you are simply interested in place branding for your personal and professional development.

In this 14-working-week course you will gain a comprehensive understanding of place brands, you will learn how to implement the principles of strategic place branding and you will train in the main methods and tools of place branding application.

You will have the chance to interact with some of the world’s best-known experts on place branding. The course tutors are world-leading authors, consultants and practitioners in the field. You will also have guest lectures from the managers of some of the world’s best place brands.

At the end of the instructional component of the course, you will have to prepare an assignment (design a City Branding Strategy for a chosen city) that you will present to the group. You will get clear guidelines and supportive materials to help you with your assignment. Your submission will be marked by the main tutors and you will get constructive feedback on your work. This task will be done in the form of a contest and the best assignment will win a prize.