Place Brand Identity.

Place Brand Identity – 2nd edition

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Duration: 5 working weeks
Format: online
Language: English
Number of hours: 15 hours + 10 hours of self-study
Starting date: February 6, 2023
Head tutors: Speakers: Magdalena Florek, Marta Hereźniak, Natalie Raben, Arnheiður Jóhannsdóar

Certificate of completion: yes
Price: 1199 EUR

Registration deadline: December 30, 2022

Max No. of participants: 12


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This course is designed to familiarize you with methods to define place brand identity. Identity is in the heart of branding and it forms and opens the directions for (broadly understood) place brand communication, designing brand experiences etc. However, it must not be imposed and artificial. Therefore, the very process of defining place brand identity needs to be designed and conducted carefully.

In this course you will gain an understanding of what constitutes brand identity and what is special about place brands in this regard. We will look at different models applied to define the identity of a place brand and analyze their strengths and limitations. We will discuss case studies where particular models and frameworks have been used. We will also address the process of defining place brand identity and its requirements.

The course consists of lectures and interactive webinars. Live participation is highly recommended, but the sessions will also be recorded. Certification will be based on the completion of a short assignment.