Place Brand Measurement and Monitoring.

Place Brand Measurement and Monitoring – 2nd edition

Duration: 7 working weeks
Format: online
Language: English
Number of hours: 14 hours (3 lectures, 11 interactive webinars) + 10 hours of self-study
Starting date: TBA
Head tutors: Robert Govers in collaboration with Martin Boisen and Mihalis Kavaratzis
Guest speaker: Simon Anholt
Certificate of completion: yes
Price: 1799 EUR

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Max No. of participants: 12


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This course is meant to provide practical guidance in the area of place brand monitoring and measurement. It is therefore suitable for anyone who is or should be concerned about the reputation management for a city, region or country. Particularly researchers, senior government officials and those in externally facing agencies such as the tourism management organisation, investment and export promotion agency, international affairs / public diplomacy units, or talent attraction bureau should participate. The rest of the list of potential participants is long and might include, but is not limited to, representatives of: chambers of commerce, labour and sector organisations, sports clubs, cultural institutions, major exporters and local businesses, Olympic committee, real estate developers, hospitality and travel companies, media agencies, tech clusters or event organisers. If the course is used as an internal educational programme for a place branding unit and its recruitment, it is advisable to consider people with the following backgrounds. They should all have received higher education (or have equivalent experience) in disciplines such as: public policy, political science / international relations, consumer psychology, marketing, communications, geography, anthropology, architecture, urban planning, design, economics, or research.

In this course you will gain an initial understanding of how to monitor place brands’ key performance indicators. We will look at impacts, outcomes and outputs in the area of image and reputation measurement, identity research, (social) media analysis and various indexes in detail (nation and city brand indexes as well as the Good Country Index).

This course is built around interactive webinars and guest lectures in its entirety. Live participation is therefore essential; and certification will be based on attendance.