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The members of the Association are people/individuals, experts and professionals (e.g. researchers, academics, consultants, people in local authorities, PhD students etc.) who are involved or dedicated to the place branding and marketing fields from a professional or academic perspective or just people interested in and that want to be informed and learn more about these fields.

The association has a wide and open approach for membership in terms of disciplines and people so that this allows the Association to be the global reference among the place branding & marketing expert and professional community but also among other public and private organizations and institutions somehow involved in, related to or interested in this field.

All members are treated as equal. Those members that have been involved in establishing the association are referred to as ‘Founding Members’, but they have no special status or privileges.

There is no annual fee for membership. IPBA has members in all corners of the planet.

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Membership is free and non-binding.