Place Brand Management in Practice.

Duration: 7 working weeks
Format: online
Language: English
Number of hours: 21 hours + 10 hours of self-study
Starting date: March 2022 – week 9
Head tutor: Martin Boisen

Tutors: Robert Govers, Mihalis Kavaratzis, Magdalena Florek

Guest lecturers: place brand managers from Barcelona, Ghent, Oslo, and The Hague
Certificate of completion: yes
Price: 1799 EUR

Registration deadline: January 15, 2022

Max No. of participants: 15


This course is presented in cooperation with European Cities Marketing.


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This course presents the state-of-the-art on place brand management. It is reflective, critical and above-all honest in presenting what works and what doesn’t. As such, the course is suitable of anyone who works with promotion, marketing, branding and/or management for a city, region, or country. Although the in-depth cases in this edition are European cities, the principles and practice are more than worthwhile for practitioners on all scalar levels as well as public-private-partnership managers, politicians, academics.

The course is built around four in-depth case studies, which will be presented to you by practitioners involved in the day-to-day place brand management of four European cities who are applying (part of) the theoretical framework in practice: Barcelona (Spain), Oslo (Norway), The Hague (The Netherlands) and Ghent (Belgium). The practitioners will present how they are working with place brand management in their respective places, both on a strategic and a day-to-day level. They will share their own personal experience. What they have found to be working and what they struggle with. As such, this is an opportunity to learn from what can be considered best cases, but at the same time, it will be a series of honest and personal reflections on the practice of place brand management. In addition, each course module ends with what we call ‘after-talk’. This is meant to be an hour of honest reflection amongst peers, discussion and Q&A hosted by an expert and moderated by the main tutor.

Participants are expected to understand the basics of place branding and place marketing. Before the course begins, participants will prepare themselves by studying provided materials and reflecting upon a place of their own choosing. It may be a place they work(ed) for, the place where they live or any other place. During the course, participants are expected to apply the learning outcomes to a structured assignment centered on that place. This assignment makes sure that the lessons learned are internalized and made as applicable as possible to the participant’s own place of choosing. In this way, we really take place brand management from theory to practice. The head tutor will provide feedback on the assignment for the duration of the course.

The course consists of interactive webinars and guest lectures in its entirety. Live participation is highly recommended, but the sessions will also be recorded. Certification will be based on completion of the assignment. If participants fail to deliver a completed assignment on time, a second opportunity to do so will be offered.